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As you can see from the new landing page, there have been changes to Voodot Web Hosting!

  • You now login with an email address.
  • Your web page is now accessable via a more human-readable url.
  • We have increased the amount of disk space available on all our service packages by 100mb.
  • About Us.

    Voodot Web Hosting is 'shared hosting'. This means that you share hardware and internet bandwidth with other sites we host.

    Voodot Web Hosting Servers are maintained and managed on site. Because we manage our own equipment we can oversee the daily operation of the equipment to insure it's operational status. We conduct our own daily system updates to insure the latest in system software upgrades for maximum system performance. Our Programming Development Manager monitors system performance and makes any necessary adjustments as needed to make your Voodot Web Hosting experience easy.

    Our servers are backed up with APS uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) to help insure that your Voodot hosted web sites remain active and accessible on the world wide web at all times. (Please note that in the event of a localized power outage, while our servers may remain active, we cannot guarantee a constant Internet connection as we cannot control the power supply to Internet devices beyond our own local network.)